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  • Jan, 23 , 21
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There are many doubts and questions around the menstrual cup, and it is not surprising since it is an intimate product and, if we want to see it like this, new to society even though it has existed for hundreds of years..

The truth is, that all these doubts are the result of an interest in trying it and a little fear at the same time. That is why at Cuttiecup we set ourselves the task of presenting you with all the advantages of the menstrual cup.


It is quite comfortable

The most outstanding thing about the menstrual cup is that once it is inserted, it will not move, nor will it be felt, much less will it be seen, so you can go quietly to the beach and the pool with your vaginal cup.

Now, it is very likely that you wonder when you see its shape¿how the menstrual cup is inserted? Well, the menstrual cup is put on in the same way as a tampon, but without having any thread, being ideal if you want to practice some water sport, or simply want to feel comfortable.

You will also not feel the unpleasant sensation that occurs when your menstrual period is low. This sensation is felt more than all by women who have abundant flow, therefore, with the menstrual cup you will feel as if you were not having your period.

In addition, the most innovative thing about the vaginal cup is that no element of it is in contact with the outside, so do not worry if you want to go to the bathroom, the menstrual cup will stay in place without having any contact with the urine. It's like you're wearing absolutely nothing.


Take care of your body

Leaving tampons inside our body for a long time can eventually generate some bacteria in the vaginal area, and sanitary napkins also when left for a few hours, can be quite uncomfortable to the touch and can emit an unpleasant smell. Contrary to what happens with these two systems, the vaginal cup can last for hours and does not expose you to any risk.

By using the Cuttiecup you can completely forget about fungi, unpleasant infections and it will not move and lose itself inside the body, since at an anatomical level it is impossible for that to happen. This is a great advantage over tampons, since for many women the use of this mechanism means an increase in uncomfortable infections in their intimate parts.

Between theadvantages of menstrual cup, you can really say that it is a completely friendly product to your body, since it does not contain chemicals, deodorants and perfumes that try to control the smell of menstruation, which in turn are so dangerous agents for the pH of your vaginal area.


It is economical

Using the Cuttiecup It is an investment that will save you a lot of money. Although it seems impossible, but it has a duration of 5 to 10 years. So you know, the menstrual cup is reusable, so it is very friendly with your pocket, since it is more profitable to buy a cup than all the packets of compresses that you need in a menstrual period.


Take care of the environment

Just one menstrual cup replaces all the tampons and sanitary pads that we have used throughout our lives. Likewise, the production of a single menstrual cup is less polluting, because few materials and chemicals are used during its production.

Here are some examples of how Cuttiecup is the most ecological option.

  • An average woman generates approx. 100 kg of sanitary napkin waste in two years.
  • Using a Cuttiecup for 10 years is approx. To 1,800 towels or 1,600 tampons.
  • The time it takes for a pad or tampon to degrade is approx. 500 years.

¡No more accidents!

If you are an active woman, who likes to exercise and is in constant movement, or on the other hand, you have abundant discharge and are tired of those uncomfortable accidents, the vaginal cup can be your great solution. With the menstrual cup you do not have to worry about whether you had an eventualaccident with menstruation, dirtying your pants, because all the fluids remain deposited in the glass. You can run, walk, sit for hours, and everything will be in place. Likewise, the menstrual cup is recommended for adult women, and for nothing in the world do you lend your cup to anyone; It is for 100% personal use.


Don't worry about your intrauterine contraceptive methods

When putting on the vaginal cup, you do not have to worry about your intrauterine devices such as the IUD or the contraceptive ring, since the cup cannot touch or remove them from their place. The cup is located far away from these devices.


You already know the reasons why Cuttiecup is your best option, what are you waiting for to join the change Cheer up and #RompeLaReglaa

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