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  • I am very happy with my glass. Buying it was the most sensible decision I could have made. It is my first drink and I had no problem. I was able to break many taboos.

  • I was fascinated with my glass. I had no problem. Now if I can say "goodbye feminine pads and welcome menstrual cup".

  • ¡Love it! It is the best investment, you do not spend on towels and there are no stains.

  • Without a doubt the best experience of my life. I love my Cuttiecup, it's the best.

  • I refused for many years, I was afraid of not getting used to it and zero, from the 1st period I already loved her. Now it urges me to get off to use it again and become an expert.

  • Congratulations on the labor of love you did with those little girls in Cup For Love.

  • Thank you very much, I already used the cup and I love it. I am encouraging all my friends to use it.