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  • Apr, 26 , 21
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A menstruation must be made visible, it is only blood! And it is a completely natural process..

Let's think: according to the WHO, the average age of menstruation is between 15 and 49 years, so a woman and person with a vulva menstruates 2,535 days of their life, which is equivalent to seven consecutive years. And then, if it is natural, if it is lived every month, why is there so little information why, when we speak, we do it in a low voiceajita?

The Chamber of Deputies hit the possibility of applying a zero rate to products for the management of menstruation, but in the Congress of Mexico City they are seeking that, at least in the city, sanitary pads, tampons and cups menstruals are delivered free of charge.

For this, in ordinary session, the deputy Alessandra Rojo presented an initiative for the CDMX Health Secretariat to give these products to girls, adolescents, women and people with vulva who need them. And with this, she also started a campaign on social networks called #MiReglaMisReglas in which women have been encouraged to share a photo of themselves with their fingers stained red (either because of their menstrual blood or, some, with paintings).


“Why have we not demanded that the State recognize menstruation as a public health issue that must be addressed and that they must provide free menstrual management products to all who need it, said Alessandra Rojo in a message on her social networks ..

“Towels on average cost 30 pesos, tampons 40 pesos, this if there is no pain. We can imagine the expense that this represents for a family where the minimum wage is 123.22 pesos, Rojo said in his

Today Cuttiecup with its social program Cup for Love joins the #MiReglaMisReglas movement by making donations of menstrual cups to communities that do not have access to menstrual hygiene products, as well as a percentage of sales for the implementation of Red Points in said communities.

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