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  • Mar, 18 , 21
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Talking about menstrual cramps may not please many, since they mean very unpleasant moments when menstruation occurs. However, it is very important to know what to do at those times, or what measures to apply to make those unpleasantness more bearable.period pains.


That is why Cuttiecup teaches you below some valuable tips that can help you relieve menstrual pain and carry those days of the month in the best possible way.


  • Never walk barefoot

This is very important, since if you walk with bare feet, it is very likely that you will get cold on your body, and that cold may reach the area of your belly causing you unpleasant pains in the belly. Mainly the cause of colic appearing is the lack of heat to your body, so this fact will increase these pains. So remember to always wear socks.


  • Always bathe with hot water

This tip is related to the previous one, where we explain that the lack of heat in your body causes colic to appear. That is why before and during your menstruation you should take hot water baths, so that you feel a little better with the unpleasant ones.pains in menstruation. It will also help you relax!!


  • Do exercise

By exercising we are not telling you to go running or lift heavy weights, but rather at home or with the help of an instructor, do very gentle exercises for your body, such as yoga and meditation. Although you have colic and do not want to move or get out of bed, it is very necessary that these days you do thesespecial exercises for menstruation.


You keep these gentle movements for a few minutes and they will surely help you to immediately relieve thepains in menstruation. The important thing about these exercises is that you exert pressure on the abdomen or belly to have a direct action on the area.


The exercises are very effective for these days, since in addition to pain, menstruation makes a woman change her mood very often, therefore physical activity will make you produce endorphins, which are chemicals released by the brain, responsible for give you happiness and calm any ailment you have in your body, as it relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation. Its actions reach the pelvic region, making this tip highly beneficial for your days, so get ready to move or take a pleasant walk.


  • Sleep well

Perhaps many like this tip, since it is recommended for yourperiod pains that you sleep very well. You should avoid stress or go out of your routine a bit and dedicate a space to take a break, since if you havepains in the belly, this moment of peace and sleep will go very well for you.


  • Do breathing exercises

It is very important that while you havepains in the belly, pause and perform a slow breathing exercise, taking a deep breath, since a good breath will make yourperiod pains are diminished.


  • Drink special infusions

There is a very good infusion for the pains of those days, which is made with turmeric. To prepare it, you will need the following ingredients:


  • Turmeric
  • Milk
  • Honey


The way of preparation is very simple and fast, since you will only need to heat a little milk in a pot. Next, you proceed to add the turmeric powder and then add a little honey to sweeten it and stir the entire mixture. Drink it very hot, since this drink, in addition to being delicious, is a wonderful anti-inflammatory that will help a lot in the process torelieve menstrual cramps.


  • Take painkillers

It is very important that before you have your period, that is, on the first day of your menstruation, that you take a pain reliever or a pain reliever that contains ibuprofen. This tip has worked for many!!


However, it is very important that you do not take aspirin, since the compound in this pill makes the blood less heavy, making it more sacred.


  • Drink a lot of water

When you drink a lot of water, your body is rid of many toxins, in addition to keeping it hydrated. Its action on menstruation makes unpleasant dizziness not appear on the days of your period, making you feel much better.


  • Wear suitable underwear

It is essential that on the days you have your period, you wear very comfortable clothes that are not tight, and that also applies to your underwear. Since this way you will avoid feeling uncomfortable if you eventually suffer from menstrual cramps. Stay comfortable at all times, whether you are at home or have to go to the office or university.


  • Avoid spicy food

Believe it or not, eating spicy food makes your belly hurt more! It is also very important that you avoid drinking alcohol in your days, since the components of these drinks will cause more blood to drop during your period..


  • Put warm compresses on your belly area

In the market they sell innumerable options of special hot bags for these days. You simply have to heat a little water in a pot and place it in the thermal bag. By putting it on your belly area, it will make your colic decrease in intensity, since the heat will make it easier for blood clots to come out more easily, which are the cause of your belly pain.


If despite all these tips torelieve menstrual crampsYou notice that your colic is very strong, that it prevents you from moving from where you are, that it causes you a lot of dizziness and / or fainting, you must necessarily go to your trusted gynecologist and tell him what you feel, since this professional can give you an exam more complete and find out the exact cause of your pain.

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