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  • Nov, 23 , 20
  • Admon Palmar

I don't think anyone prepares you for sexual pleasure. Well they say that: Getting an orgasm is how to find the holy grail. And it is a reality..

We live so immersed in routine, in the rush of day to day, that we rarely focus on being one hundred percent with ourselves, with our body.
Finding what you want and how you want it is to establish that harmony that fills you with power, feelings and makes you feel liberated. Knowing that you do not need anyone, anything, just you, to know yourself to the fullest and empower your body to feel everything it should and wants to feel.

Let's be honest; We grew up in the era in which we are very open, very pro-woman, very liberated But at the same time, many of us believe that indulging ourselves and exploring our body is improper or we do not even explore the option, due to the remorse that bad social beliefs have instilled in us established.idas.

And it is known that misinformation is the worst enemy of humans. That not knowing, not knowing, not feeling is not an option. That we need bases to know ourselves and really define what it is that we want and seek so much; In this, sexual pleasure enters.

Imagine: You drive a bicycle, but always with support wheels. What will you do when there are no such wheels When you are against the world, riding your bicycleta?
Not only do you have to, but you NEED to know how to do it, what maneuvers you can achieve, what feats make you feel good; what do you like and what not.
That is masturbation.


Getting to know each other is just one more step towards self-realization. It is understanding that we do not need anyone to make us feel whole, beautiful, free and empowered. It is understanding that sexuality is the most beautiful thing we have and that experiencing it for ourselves only gives us the guidelines of what we are looking for, what we want, what we like and what we don't.

There is a world of misinformation and taboos. And I just want to tell you that masturbating, physiologically speaking, has many physical, mental and emotional benefits; such as the release of neurotransmitters (Serotinin, Dopamine and Melatonin) that help combat stress, promote pleasure and happiness, as well as facilitate falling asleep and help combat colic.
Yes, fight those unbearable pains that only exist to make life more difficult.

But in addition to those points in favor in physiological matter, there are the points in favor in emotional and mental health.
It is proven that a woman who masturbates is a determined woman, much more liberated and fulfilled. In addition to supporting self-esteem and our conception of ourselves.

But hey We are here to help you take this magnificent step for every woman; Know you one hundred percent so let's get to work.a.

Eye; Remember that all vaginas are different, each one hides a universe of different sensations and it is normal. Lie back, relax, clear your mind and walk through your body, feel your intimate area and then with your index finger caress and discover your most sensitive points. Be subtle, explore what areas and movements make you feel. Identify the sensations, the feelings and once you find them, just let your body ask you how.

The body is wise, it knows what it asks for and what it does.


Friend, realize that you are wonderful and that to be well you have to know yourself. Masturbation is just one more step towards self-discovery, do not forget that you are in control, that the rhythm of how you do things is set by you and that the rules are broken from month to month.

Listen to your body and free yourself.


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